Sash windows

Sash windows give you the traditional look with modern functionality.

Sash windows

Sash windows give you the traditional look with modern functionality.

A traditional sliding sash window is made up of two sashes that slide up and down (or side to side), one in front and one behind, in vertical grooves. They are counterbalanced with lead weights on cords. Sliding sash can be opened at the top or bottom, or both, depending on which you prefer. Traditionally, they have no outward swing but modern designs tilt in and out for easy cleaning.

Woodgrain colours are a popular choice for new uPVC sash windows, we also have a choice of 20 unique finishes in eye-catching colours to make windows and conservatories as individual as your property.

Our colours will help you create the perfect aesthetic, whether you pick white wood grain, a choice of three shades of grey, Beck Black (brown), Chartwell green, traditional cream, or blues, reds and greens.

What are double glazed sash windows?

Double glazed sash windows are like traditional sash windows but with the added benefit of double glazing. Particularly during the winter months.

Two panes of glass rather than one is beneficial for a number of reasons.

  •  You’ll spend less on your heating
  •  Less outdoor noise making its way into the home
  •  Fewer draughts
  •  Less condensation on the inside of the window
  •  Increased security for peace of mind

Types of sash window

There are 3 main styles of sash window to choose from; your choice will depend on which suits you home’s aesthetics and, potentially, which period it dates from.

  •  Georgian ‘six over six’ panes
  •  Victorian ‘two over two’ grid design
  •  Edwardian ‘six over two’ panes

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