Rubber & Fibre glass roofs

Keep your roof looking brand new with our rubber and fibreglass roofs.

Rubber roofs

Our rubber roofing is designed to have a long life expectancy of more than 50 years, and it requires very little maintenance to stay in great condition.

It’s incredibly durable and has excellent weather resistance too, so you can be sure that even in the worst downpours, you will be protected from leaks.

Very little intervention is needed to keep rubber roofs looking brand new too — brushing them down every once in a while to remove debris will do the trick.

Fibreglass roofs

This single-ply laminate has been used as a reliable means of covering and waterproofing roofs for many years.

As well as being suitable for commercial and domestic buildings, fibreglass has been used on a wide array of other applications, from boats and lorries to water tanks and ponds.

The installation of a fibreglass roofing system is known for its simplicity and safety, and the finished product has a long lifespan.

Like our rubber roofs, very little intervention is needed to keep fibreglass roofs looking brand new — cleaning every once in a while will do the trick.

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