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Lean-To Conservatories Shrewsbury

Lean-to conservatories, also known as Mediterranean conservatories, are extremely accessible and practical additions to any home, regularly used as greenhouses and sunrooms. This extremely versatile style of conservatory is perfect for maximising natural light, making it a favourite all over the globe.

What is a lean-to conservatory?
Typically rectangular or square in shape, lean-to conservatories run along the back of your property and their slanted roof has been designed to allow rain water to run off, which makes it look as if the conservatory is leaning against the wall.

Often, lean-to conservatories will have dwarf walls and glazing on three sides and a glazed roof, although you can choose to have full length glazing if you prefer. Lean-to conservatories are generally smaller in height than other types of conservatories, making them ideal for bungalows.

Mediterranean conservatories by Made to Measure
At Made to Measure, we’ll take you through every step of designing and constructing your lean-to conservatory, ensuring that you’re completely satisfied throughout every step. We’ll give you a range of options so your bespoke lean-to conservatory meets all your specifications.
Our expert team will present you with a number of different materials, colours and finishes, so you can choose what would work best for your home and lifestyle.

Why get your conservatory from Made to Measure

When you get your Shrewsbury lean-to conservatory from Made to Measure, you can rest assured that you’ll end up with a conservatory constructed to the highest standards. As a member of DGCOS (double glazing & conservatory ombudsman scheme), you can relax safe in the knowledge that we maintain industry standards and that your deposit is completely protected.

The friendly and professional Made to Measure team are vastly experienced in designing and constructing lean-to conservatories in Shrewsbury and the surrounding areas, and will happily offer advice on anything you’re unsure about.

Find out more about our Mediterranean conservatories in Shrewsbury today by calling 01743 356 130 or send us a message.


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